Final Journal Entry #5“The Immortal Life of Henrietta Lacks”

As my last journal entry for this book I really want to thank the author. Throughout these last few chapter, I have journeyed with Rebecca and Deborah, to find out some truly interesting things. But most of all I have journeyed to my inner peace with the book and the outcome. In my 4th response I wrote about how I not pleased with how the Lacks family was treated. More or less with how they found out about Henrietta’s cells and were not compensated. In these last chapters I found closure, that I was looking for my self and for the Lacks family.

Rebecca and Deborah travel to Crownsville to find more about Elise.(Deborah’s sister) They learn of her being kept in an insane hospital for colored. Learning of the awful way Elise was treated, made Deborah very sad and disappointed. Rebecca and Deborah found pictures of a child bruised malnourished and devastating to look at. We come to learn that Elise died while in the hospital not long after her photograph was taken.

From this point in the book Rebecca compares the life of Elise to that of her mothers. Unknown mistreated and hidden from the world and the family.

At the beginning I said that this was a journal entry to thank the author. So here it is, Rebecca Skloot you showed me that there is more to a single persons life. You took a story of one women, that no one would have ever expected to be as amazing as it was. Now that I have read this book I look a Henrietta Lacks as a super women almost, she will never know how much of an impact that she has on people today. More of a gift from God, a women changed the studies in science, people all over the world. One more thing to mention is my inner peace was met when Deborah herself found her inner peace. That she was able to leave this world as satisfied as she could with her life her mother’s life and her family’s out come in the end.