Brujas de Cachiche, Nirvana or Woe

Pure satisfaction is what you get when the first bite enters your mouth. With the perfect luscious juice to wash it down. To anyone new to Peru, Brujas de Cachiche is a must. Famous for their Peruvian takes on traditional dishes, Brujas de Cachiche can be found in a quiet neighborhood of San Isidro or in a busy street of La Molina. In both locations, a sense of bliss in the first bite. In one of the locations, the sense of bliss is quickly followed by disappointment.

In the serene street of Bolognesi, Miraflores, lies a cozy restaurant, which looks more like a house than a restaurant. The atmosphere is warm, with a soft piano playing in the background while people laugh and eat. The waiter, amiable and friendly, serves you without a flaw for the night.

However in the busy street of Raul Ferrero lies the moderately big and expensive looking Brujas de Cachiche. Next to the frantic street in La Molina, the restaurant is built with high ceilings and a wall covered with hanging ferns and vines. Giant lamps hang from the ceiling, but the lighting is far too dim, making you squint to see the menu. The waiter is polite, but the feeling of coziness is nothing compared to the one in Miraflores.

In the warm and hospitable restaurant of Miraflores, the dishes, although expensive, are completely worth it. They give justice to all Peruvian dishes, with the most satisfactory first impression. Lomo Saltado, a salty beef dish is served with rice in the shape of a cone, the sauce, strewn across the plate gives it balance. Across the dish, herbs like cilantro and sprits of pepper are added, giving the dish personality. The beef, tenderly cooked, gives the perfect texture of firmness but never stiff. The perfect texture in your mouth, this is definitely a dish that can be savoured! The beef is accompanied with savory boiled vegetables, leaving you wanting more. But there’s no need to worry because by the time you are done, there will be no more space left in your stomach.

Because the atmosphere in the restaurant in La Molina is not as cozy as in Miraflores, there were high expectations for the food. A dish of spaghetti dipped in pesto sauce is served. And although delicious at the first bite, you become tired of it too soon and you begin to realize that you paid S/. 46 for a very small portion. As fancy as the establishment is, there is no air conditioning and windows are opened allowing the sounds of angry cars from outside to enter.

When you leave the restaurant in La Molina, you will still be hungry and you will know never to come back. But when you leave the restaurant in Miraflores, all is well. The next time a fancy dinner is needed among friends, you will know the perfect place.

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