La Folie Review

La Folie, french for madness stays true to it’s name in every single way, from the environment, to the dishes themselves. It bares a vintage atmosphere with a rather cold yet psychedelic greet. It’s here where the gap between modern architecture meets a rustic finish of furniture and the simplicity between the shades of grey, a multicolored ambient. Chairs hang aspaintings, sofas made up of synthetic grass, bird cages as lamps; It’s like an old child’s dollhouse, different in its own unique ways. After all, it was inspired by Alice in Wonderland.

Andrea and Pilar Balta, the two sister owners made a truly original place ideal for a change of environment and the experience of something new. Definitely not for everybody though, as It still lacks that warm sense of welcome, yet at the same time it is not depressing at all, it has that young positive energy all around it. Consider it as the summer go-to, refreshing and renewing restaurant; a place where you don’t suffocate behind thick walls that trap heat. One piece of advice though, try to go with someone, it’s not like an english pub a friday night where you meet new people even if you didn’t want to. La Folie is much more open and disperse which means if you go alone, expect to feel alone.

Now, let’s talk about food. It’s definitely one of the most delicious and diverse restaurants on the cheaper side at Lima. The menu includes everything for almost anyone of any age and any diet. A great way of tasting Peru’s culture (and more) in a very healthy way. From salads to meats, sandwiches, pastas and mind blowing desserts, La Folie has got you covered. One of their most striking things is how they combine different plates from different cultures into one. In my case, a lomo saltado burrito was the way to roll. Two of Peru’s and Mexico’s most famous dishes. Beef strips fried with onions and pepper, soaked in its own juice and wrapped with wheat tortillas, together with some rice and french fries. Add on a frozen lemonade and get ready for an amazing lunch or dinner.

In many great restaurants you get an entire meal of great satisfaction, until it’s time to pay and you may regret it all. La Folie is a pleasant experience in every step of the way. The environment, the great customer service, amazing food and when it’s time to pay you won’t regret a thing. You walk out leaving nothing behind.

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