Columbine- Section 3 Reflection (Ch. 27- 37)

As I continue into the third section of the book Columbine, it helps me develop a better background on the main characters in the book. These chapters have a lot to deal with the lives of Dylan and Eric leading up to the shooting. It goes into major details about the journals they left behind, the things they posted on social media, and even previous crimes they had committed that showed a future of mischief. The investigators at first showed more interest in Dylan’s journal, considering it was more lengthy and went back further than Eric’s. They soon realized Dylan’s journal consisted mostly of suicidal thoughts and harsh anger towards himself. Although Eric’s was shorter and covered a smaller time period, it layed out exactly what he planned to do. It revealed all his plans of mischief and the actions he had already taken. Basically the journal was him confessing to all the crimes he had ever commit and even the ones he intended on committing in the future. Eric even kept a blog online that was very violent and plainly stated many death threats. The cops were warned many times about these boys, but each time they seemed to almost just push it aside.

Besides going into the background of Dylan and Eric, this section also went into society’s thoughts. It revealed what students in the town remembered about the shooting and even events before that. There was a presumed group called the Trench Coat Mafia (or TCM for short). Since Dylan and Eric were spotted in trench coats, they were assumed to be apart of it. This was later proven wrong, since they used trench coats only after the Trench Coat Mafia beliefs died down. The media was blowing the Columbine shooting out of proportion. They aired almost every story they heard from witnesses, no matter how sketchy or incorrect they seemed. One man made crosses for the victims of Columbine, even for the killers. The community responded positively to the murdered victims’ crosses, but not so positively to the killers’. They showered the victims’ in gifts, positive writings, and even letters saying how much they love and miss them. While the killers’ were vandalized and ending up being destroyed by citizens in the community. The man returned with fifteen new crosses to replace the others. Investigators tried to figure out motives behind this mass murder, but nothing was ever believed to trigger it. They even questioned close friends that knew little to no information about even irrelevant things. None claimed to have known about this plan, but some did know about the gun purchases or the pipe bombs.

Another portion of this section talked about the recovery of one of the Columbine victims. Patrick was recovering very slowly and barely at all. Family and friends surrounded him to support him and encourage his recovery. He was transferred from St. Anthony’s to Craig Hospital to help him recover better and faster. His speech improved in the first week but his mind couldn’t process words like it is supposed too. This made it very difficult for him to communicate with his parents, because he couldn’t control what was coming out of his mouth. He could think something and assume that’s what came out, but in reality it was just gibberish. His parents also discovered he could not write efficiently, so there was really no way to communicate with him yet. His family just prayed and hoped for more recovery in the near future. Overall, I continue to enjoy the book and I am excited to see what comes next.