World War III? Nah…

The past week has held a massive controversy over President Donald Trump’s grand strategy in North Korea. The U.S. is preparing threats of a strike on North Korea, and North Korea is warning to strike back. After two weapons were launched in the Middle East over the past week, the international community has held mixed feelings about Trump’s intentions.

It is an unsettling feeling to realize that we are launching highly destructive weapons, and we are dangerously spiraling to what seems to be conflict. But are these threats a little over-hyped? It all boils down to the foreign leaders’ conception of nuclear war, and that of our own.

We launched two atomic bombs in the summer of 1945 on Japan, and their effects were horrifying. The entire world witnessed a massive catastrophe and thousands of deaths. An all-out war would kill millions, and maybe billions, or may even wipe out the entire human race.

Thus, I am very confident in countries’ resolve to not strike back with nukes. Especially, North Korea, with failure after failure to successfully launch a long-range missile. The United States’ capability to strike North Korea far outweighs their ability to hit the U.S. back before we obliterate them entirely. Claims about a World War III are based on fear and a negative response to Trump’s policy, and I think that we should think more about the rationality of actors. It takes two to have a fight, and I know that two countries will be frightened from starting a nuclear war, in the interest of saving the lives of their own citizens and preventing extinction.

Have a great weekend and a Happy Easter!

-This Week on Earth, 4/15/17

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