Christendom Attacked

I am not a Christian. I have never been a Christian. I have in fact been an atheist since my early teenage years. Once I woke up that one morning in 2001 and, for the first time, said to myself there is no God, I have never once doubted my doubt.

My atheism, however, does not take the form of glee at Christianity’s suffering, at the decline of spirituality and the cultural and historical concept of Christendom. I happen to think the post-modern West could do with a bit more pre-modern Christendom.

No, I don’t mean clerical rule, but instead a rediscovery of the shared bonds that come with understanding that Western Civilization arises out of a common heritage of which Christianity is a key part. Cultural Christianity is one name for this reverence for heritage without belief in God.

One of the primary reasons that I feel this way is that the post-modern ideological muddle of diversity and multiculturalism isn’t stiff enough to resist the continued Islamist assault on the West.

On their side, they have an Allah-given mission and post-jihad virgins. On ours, we have diversity-mandated lectures on Islamophobia. Even America’s carrier fleets and France’s and Britain’s elite special forces will struggle to compensate for our ideological softness.

Yesterday, we saw the result of that combination. An 84-year old French priest, near the city of Rouen, was killed. Forced to kneel, his throat was slit by two men as they, presumably, shouted Allahu Akbar, the universal opening incantation for all conferences on interfaith dialogue.

Father Jacques Hamel carried the torch of Christendom, the idea that Europe has a civilizing identity based on Christian heritage. Now that jihadists have run Father Hamel’s Christian brothers and sisters out of their faith’s ancestral homelands, they are coming for it in its European abode. Father Hamel died a martyr for Europe. Honor his legacy by reasserting the European heritage Father Hamel represented. Source.

Apparently, now that Christianity has been nearly expunged from the land of its birth, European Christianity is next on the jihadists’ list.

The post-civilization left, the useful idiots and fellow travelers of Islamic supremacism, wish to push us into a suicidal embrace of Islam in order to prove our open-mindedness, and they will resist any discussion of Christianity or of Western Civilization or of identity. One isn’t allowed to assert a culturally Christian identity — or any other identity for that matter (except a post-modern mishmash of meaningless platitudes about tolerance). To do so would slow the halt of Islamization, as it would finally provide some cultural mettle.

After all, one must hollow out one’s own civilization before it can stuffed full of another one.

The Islamic supremacist attack on Father Hamel, of a man who represented the cultural mettle that may yet save Europe and the West, will be framed in the context of a meaningless ecumenicism, of the need for tolerance and interfaith dialogue, of how we all need to “come together.” This symbol of European heritage, of Christendom, will be diluted by those who hate what he stands for. The Independent front page painted the murder of a Catholic priest as an affront to Islam — even when a jihadist murders a priest, Europe’s heritage, its moment of grief, has to be diluted with Islamophilic platitudes.

Is it an affront to Islam that no churches exist in Saudi Arabia? Is it an affront to Islam that the Caliph Umar expelled the Jews and Christians of Arabia? Is it an affront to Islam that Surah 98:6 calls non-Muslims “the worst of creatures?”

No, it’s not an affront to Islam. It is Islam. The ritual murder of an 84 year-old Catholic is part of that spectrum of Islamic supremacism — on the extreme end, but part of it.

Europe’s moment of grief for the murder of an 84-year-old Catholic priest is turned into an opportunity to absolve Islam. If Islam wants absolution, it can ask for it — by renouncing its supremacist beliefs.

The same faction which insists we indulge Islam’s every whim and desire, which insists that every grievance Islam has against the world is a cause for terror, these same people find the idea of moving to expedite asylum requests for Christians in Iraq and Syria to be repulsive. The well-fed Islamists in the West and their leftist allies are willing to sacrifice any group and any principle on the altar of their Islamophilic posturing. The murder of a priest near Rouen is just another opportunity for this — jihadists murder a Catholic priest soon after jihadists ram a lorry into a crowd in Nice? Well, more Islam is the answer.

I have an idea — perhaps, to expedite things, we should just all go ahead and either convert or accept dhimmitude. Maybe the jihad will end then.

This is subterfuge. It is insincerity and cynicism, cultural suicide, masquerading as progress.

A Catholic priest was murdered by jihadists in that most Catholic of nations, France. Laïcité is the law of the land, but France is Catholic. Its history, its art, its heritage.

The murder of Father Jacques Hamel wasn’t an act of violence against one man or one place of worship — it was an attack on Christendom, on the idea that Europe is allowed to have a civilizational identity that isn’t subjugated by Islam. Much like jihadists dream of reclaiming Spain, they view Europe as their next target. Much like Muhammad’s followers conquered the Levant and North Africa, these jihadists are simply doing what Muhammad’s righteous followers were doing. We may call this Islamism and not Islam, but modern jihadists only want to do to Europe what Muhammad and the Rashidun Caliphs did to the Levant and North Africa.

To respond to this assault on heritage with cloying platitudes of tolerance and diversity would be a disgrace. To indulge Islam at the expense of European heritage would be cultural treason. To engage in saccharine ecumenicism while you are under attack by Islamic supremacists would be cowardice.

As the Catholic Herald wondered:

The poor priest had spent a very long life serving his Lord; now it has ended in death for Him. This may seem an inappropriate thing to say, but I wonder if the blood of a martyr spilt on an altar so close to home will finally awake Christendom from its torpor.

Father Jacques Hamel died a martyr for Christendom, for Europe’s heritage. The only worthy response is to reassert that heritage, to proudly and unapologetically defend Europe’s non-Islamic identity.

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