Was Kevin Durant’s Move to Golden State the weakest move by an NBA Player Ever ?

Kevin Durant

As an NBA fan checking my phone and seeing that Kevin Durant had decided that he was going to join The 73–9 Golden State Warriors, Almost left me at a loss of words. I thought if he made a move to any other team it would have been ok. But not this team a team that had beat the 1996 Michael Jordan Chicago Bulls regular season record of 72–10. One of the biggest things that this move did was ruin the regular season and because of how good the Warriors Already were and then adding Elite of a player as Kevin Durant was made me angry and want to watch any basketball at all until the playoffs started. It was hard as a fan to enjoy the fact that the Warriors blew out most good teams in the regular season by more than 20 points, It also lead me to realize from that moment when Kevin Durant decided to join the Warriors that the NBA Finals had Already been decided. it was going to be Kevin Durant and the Warriors versus Lebron’s Cavaliers.

Everybody knew from the start that the Warriors were clearly the better team outmatching the Cavaliers with four All Stars too Two In Kyrie Irving and Lebron James both whom had an amazing Finals series with Lebron Averaging a triple double and Kyrie Irving with an unstoppable Game 4 performance with 41 points. But none of this mattered because Kevin Durant got what he’s been wanting for the past ten years of his career. A Ring, To most NBA Players it’s a goal everyone strives for but not as much as Kevin Durant did when he decided to Join this team. This move to Golden State changed the whole course of the NBA.

It started with Russell Westbrook being handed the reigns to the Oklahoma City Thunder. And all the other Western Conference teams scratching their heads as to how they were going to find an answer on how to beat this Warriors team that already looked unstoppable but had then added another Superstar. last and not least the one final thing that made this move even worse by Durant was the Parity in the NBA. Now that most teams that play in the Western Conference the only teams the fans will really be watching are the Warriors and the Cavs because everyone knows who the two dominant teams are in the league.