Five Classic Bisexual Movies to Learn About Bisexuality

Although many countries already have the relevant LGBT organizations, bisexuality is still in a weak, and not being understood, then the bisexual love and life is not the same as ordinary people? Five classic bisexual movies tell you about bisexual culture.( The following film rankings in no particular order)

Herry&June (1990)

(Maria de Medeiros), the banker Hugo (Richard E. Grant) wife, a dignified appearance but addicted to D. H. Lawrence text of the wild woman. In the introduction of her husband, Ana Yisi met the appearance of decadent rough novelist Henry Miller (Fred Ward Fred Ward decorated), she fell in love with the wise man, and then for Henry’s wife Joan (Uma Thurman Uma Thurman)

In the arrogance of Joan, Anaisi began to take care of Henry’s life, for his novel “Tropic of Cancer” running around, and thus derived from a section of wild passion of joy … …
The film won the 1991 Oscar for the best script nomination.

This movie can be said to be the most typical of a bisexual movie. Henry Miller and his wife Joan went into the life of Anaisi Ning, who became Anaisi’s heterosexual and same-sex lover. The film tells the story of a rare chaos tear love, but also a woman growing process.

Imagine Me & You (2005)

Young bride Rachel finally married the childhood boyfriend Haike, Haike handsome gentle and considerate, is a good man. He was deeply in love with Rachel, Rachel thought she was in love with him. Until the wedding, on the red carpet leading to the groom, Rachel inadvertently to the next glance, she saw another woman, she was like suddenly hit by lightning. The woman is the flower shop owner Ruth, she is responsible for all the flowers of the wedding. In this way, they meet at the wedding and become friends. Rachel began to believe that the world really has a love at first sight. Although Rachel and Ruth love each other, she has been married, Haeck is so good, and finally Rachel chose to give up, Ruth chose to leave. Rachel’s change was seen in the eyes of the Haike, he wanted to Rachel happy, so he chose to leave, he did not fall because of a woman fell in love with a woman, he was sad but Rachel fell in love with another people. Rachel showed his parents a showdown, and his father told her “follow you heart” and drove her to find Ruth

My Own Private Idaho (1991)

Mike (Rufan Phoenix) and Scott (Keanu Reeves) are the same as the male prostitutes, but because of the huge difference in the family background, “with the same circumstance” they are not superficially “tacit ”

Often fainting Mike, his mind has been filled with fragments of childhood memory, Idaho’s poetic life often into his dream, just want to find the mother which lost for many years, he will Scott as the best friend And lover. Scott is the son of the Mayor of Portland, “abandon yourself” is only to experience the thrill of the debauchery youth, he clearly knows that although now accompanied Mike all the way from Portland to Seattle, and from Idaho to Italy, Mike can not become his final destination, let him return, is the power, glory and girl.

Velvet Goldmine (1998)

Rock history of the most gorgeous 70 years, sexy, flirtatious, avant-garde, radical and other bold elements are integrated into a unique rock genre. The spokesman of this rock and roll, Brad Slade (Jonathan Rhes Meyers) is dumping all beings. However, in 1984, he suffered an “assassination” in a performance, the stars since the fall. London Herald reporter Arthur (Christian Bale) on their own idol to investigate. In the years back to the past, but dig out the Brad and the American rock singer Kurt Wilder (Ivan McGregor Ewan McGregor ornaments) of a glimpse of love. Bled by the Kuerte music infection, to create their own gorgeous style, quickly became popular. They inspire each other, obsessed with each other, but eventually because of personality conflict and break. Thunderbolt in the loss of Kurt after the start of self-abandonment directed an “assassination” drama … … Arthur met the depressed Kurt in the bar, and he seemed to be surrounded by Bled’s souls, and they were immersed in the memory of Bled’s inability to extricate themselves, and a wonderful emotion was born between them.

En Soap (2006)

32-year-old Charlotte (Claes Bang) just break up with her boyfriend, moved to a small town settled down, opened a beauty salon. Because the depths of the heart is difficult to describe the lonely, Charlotte has not been with people to communicate, often bring young man home, play a trick on them. One day Charlotte met the woman who was living downstairs — the shy of Joan Bentsen. But Veronica has an unknown secret.

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