Whether you need to tell her you are bisexual when you are dating?

Bisexual relationship

I have a friend, he is a bisexual, recently he wants to date, I think he is worried, because he asked me, “Whether should I tell her I’m a bisexual when we are dating??” I think if a woman found him a double Sexuality, in general, she will not go with him. I told him that whatever she did be her choice, but you have to face honestly. But when the girl said ‘I would not be with a bisexual man in love’ , he was very sad.

What is the purpose of most people dating? They want to find a partner, but when they feel that they are being deceived is very angry, and for the average person, to conceal their bisexuality is a very serious deception, such as I married a bisexual person, She deceived me and another woman we lead to divorce such a situation, not uncommon, in fact, he does not care what bisexual, but he cares to be deceived.

Woman if you are bisexual, just tell him that you are bisexual, generally, he will politely ask you whether to date. But man, if you are bisexual, just tell her you are bisexual, and generally, she will politely refuse your date.

In fact, for the sake of dating and follow-up exchanges, hiding this secret will only make things worse, and it is better to tell her before too late or when the risk of being rejected is more. I was surprised to find that some people think that the concealment of the true self is correct because the world is full of deceit, whether it is goodwill or otherwise, they believe that hiding can make them go.

This view may be justified, but when the hidden secret will be exposed when the above example will be the same, causing serious consequences, many people want to show their side when the date is better, but I think the real show their own Well, no matter how you hide, in the future long contact or will be aware of, not as good as to tell her that this is not only respect for her, but also respect for their own.

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