An open letter to Jason Chaffetz from someone who attended his town hall
Jon Ogden

This kind of hive, mob mentality is why law driven societies fail. When enough people decide they have a right to destroy someone, reality of life doesn’t actually seem to matter. When people care more about emotions discussing things logically is impossible. It’s how lynchings happen, he did what he thought had been right just because you disagree with that choice doesn’t give you the right to abuse him. I actually wanted them to show how incompetent Hillary was and to show all of our systems had been dysfunctional for some time so he may not have helped your goals but he did help millions of other citizens, I do not have a party nor do I watch tv I hate extremists because I feel they lead to mob rule. I never would have voted for someone like Hillary so the refusal to accept Trump is premature especially if these abusers think majority believe as they do, MILLIONS voted for Trump to get some kind of law back in control, mobs are useless for productive discussions. He is not responsible for all the problems we have in America and neither is Chaffetz it is the mob rule that is the problem. Communities have so much rage they are refusing to find solutions all they are screaming is for lynchings. Very sad for freedom.

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