President Trump Is A Grenade
Trent Lapinski

Why I voted for him

  • He values loyalty, and trust above other values
  • He treats people like the humans they are equally nice and horrible to all
  • He knows the system. He has complained about it FOR YEARS
  • He knows how to get things done.
  • He knows how to hire the right people, but admits his mistakes and fires the wrong ones.
  • He follows through on his promises to negotiate better deals to our systems and help Americans get back our country. Which has been lost for a while now.
  • Another reason I am a Trump voter this insanity of denying speakers and how one sided our eduction system has become. Opposing speakers actually banned for discussing a different view (not a hate crime or hate speech just different view of life) WT? Now we have “white privilidge”pins?wt????