Which is Better, the F-5E Tiger II or the MiG-21?
War Is Boring

Far out. Way to go to with your ignorant rewrite of history.

The key issue for the Somalia failure to take the Ogadan was because the Russians halfway through the race changed horse.

From heavily supporting the Somalia’s to dumping them and giving it to the Ethiopians this single handily changed the entire direction of the war.

Whilst western aid to Somalia was limited. It wasn’t like the Somalia’s could just introduce a new platform in the middle of a war.

In any case after a period of brutal fighting Somalia withdrew to their original borders and a truce was declared.

Air-superiority helped but it wasn’t the be all to end all.

Regarding the MIG vs the F-5s seriously you were only able to find one conflict where the F-5’s meet MiG 21s?

What about Iraq Iran war where Iranian F-5’s went up against Iraqi MiG-21, in extensive dogfights. For godsake there are several Iranian Aces that did so flying F-5’s

Conversely there are several Iraqi pilots using Mig-21 ML that were able to shoot down f-5s.

There is even a claim that a MiG-21 shot down an Iranian F-14 Mansoor in 1980 but the details are quite light so i’d put it as unconfirmed.

I would argue that the key factor in the vast majority of air combat out comes has everything to do with pilot experience/ability which comes as a consequence of being able to book the hours.

Take North Korea. It is well recognized that despite fielding fourth generation aircraft that its pilots barely get any stick time and thus regardless of what they’ll go into battle in they’re going to have a bad time.

The same for the Syrian airforce during the 6 day war and Yom Kippur War Syrian pilots had far less time in the seat. As a consequence despite fielding mig-25s and other advanced aircraft they sucked.

Conversely in the Iran Iraq war initially the MiG piloted Iraq pilots had great successes until the Iranians pulled out of prison hundreds of Iranian pilots who had been locked up during the revolution.

At that point despite fielding aircraft that weren’t always properly operational they managed to defeat Iraqi aircraft.

Its been understood that this came down to training and the ability of Iranian pilots to use their aircraft properly, taking advantage of their design features and innovating.

Like how they use F-14 as AWACS and as a psychological weapon, frightening Iraq raids away just by having F-14 turn on their radar.

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