9 Women in Ukrainian Civic Tech and Their Projects

Let’s talk about how women-founded civic tech projects facilitate the implementation of e-government initiatives and reforms, prevent frustration, simplify, and what is the most important — save lives to thousands of Ukrainians.

Galyna Vasylevska

Co-founder & Legal Counsel Medics

For more than 5 years Galyna Vasylevska has been involved in the implementation of socially impactful projects in Ukraine and abroad. She supervised over 15 startups on different stages of development as well as took part in international trade and media law moot court competitions.

Having launched Medics, Galyna and her team not only introduced massive changes to the healthcare system but modified attitudes of Ukrainians towards it. Today, the platform provides opportunities, deemed to be inaccessible just several years ago. Among them are booking of appointments at the hospital, provision of feedback about medical staff, prevention of repeated medical record book loss, as now it can be issued online thanks to this system.

Medics is the partner of the Ministry of Healthcare and of the medical reform. Medics is free of charge both for patients and medical facilities. Even though it’s still unavailable in several cities its introduction is the matter of time and willingness of healthcare settings to cooperate.

Nataliya Vladimirova

Founder & CEO PatentBot

Besides being the founder of one of the most successful civic tech projects in Ukraine, Natalia is also the managing partner of the Prima Veritas legal-patent firm, operating on the Ukrainian market since 2007.

PatentBot is a Facebook Messenger bot, which registers a trademark just within several minutes and at the price three times lower than the market average. While staying in the dialog box of the bot one can verify whether the trademark name is still available, as well as enter relevant data and pay for the service. During first two weeks after the launch of the project, 1000 people referred to the chatbot. Today, PatentBot has 3500 unique users, over 1 million messages, and more than 125 closed deals. Just within four months, it generated $3000 in revenue.

The Hague Institute for Innovation of Law called the PatentBot one of the best projects of 2017 and provided the grant for its development. PatentBot was also selected as the best bot of the year, having received Golden Kitty Award 2017 from the American platform ProductHunt. The project was already launched in the USA, EU and Chinese markets are next on the list.

Nataliya Guran

Founder & CEO Liky.Control

Before the launch of Liky.Control project Nataliya worked in the IT sphere and participated in the implementation of 20 largescale IT-projects related to automation, management of enterprises and state-financed institutions.

The personal experience helped Nataliya to find the solution to the problem. Once, she decided to check the quality of medicines and it turned out to be quite a task. Add to this mix the data on the death rate from counterfeit medicines and you will get a huge problem which can be solved with several clicks in one application.

Liky.Control is the mobile application for checking the validity of registration certificates and the existence of prohibited series of medicines. One can also go throw all the scan copies of authorizations issued by the State Service of Ukraine on Medicines and Drugs Control. Furthermore, the database of medicines in the app is updated twice per day. The app runs on open registers of the Ministry of the Healthcare.

Iryna Slavinska

Co-Founder & Coordinator of DonorUA, President of The Association of Young Blood Donors

Before founding DonorUA — the system of blood donors’ recruitment, Iryna worked at the Association of Young Blood Donors where she performed duties of the president, fundraiser and even of a call-center operator. Routine communication with people who are putting all their efforts into saving lives of their close ones is psychologically challenging. That’s why one day Iryna decided that something had to be changed and cofounded DonorUA together with Alexander Krakovetskiy.

Last year the organization engaged over 15 000 donors, received 1 500 requests for blood donation and collected blood over 12 000 times. DonorUA managed to decrease the time of donor search for blood recipient down to several hours. It was achieved through the dedicated work of the team and automation.

Nadiia Babynska Virna

Expert of the TAPAS project, coordinator of the youth innovation support program U-Inn

Nadiia is an investigative journalist and open data activist who launched the initiative “To the court for the access” which reimburse the court fee to activists and journalist participating in judicial proceedings related to protection of rights for information. In 2015 she also became a part of the «Rada» project which works with open data of the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine and parliaments of other countries.

In autumn 2017 she coordinated the program U-inn which supports youth innovations focused on the implementation of human rights and democratic principles at the regional level. The main goal of the organization is to support the youth striving to change and develop the country, facilitate reforms and willing to influence the decision making process of state institutions. U-inn is all about training, education, youth projects’ contests as well as the festival of innovations. The establishment of the platform was facilitated by the United Nations Development Program in Ukraine in cooperation with the Ministry of Youth and Sports of Ukraine under the financial support of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Denmark.

Jaanika Merylo

Deputy Mayor of the Dnipro city, сcounselor to the Minister of Infrastructure of Ukraine and mayor of Lviv city, expert of the State Agency for E-government of Ukraine

Jaanika has over 20 years of work experience in the sphere of IT, as well as more than 10 years of experience in the investment sector. She founded ICT Competence Center, was the managing director of the Ukrainian Venture Capital and Private Equity Association (UVCA), as well as director for innovation of Lviv city. Thanks to Jaanika Lviv became a platform for the launch of many e-government projects — from the first system of electronic identification of citizens and e-services to Mobile ID and ID-cards.

In 2015 and 2016 Jaanika Merilo appeared on the list of the most influential women in Ukraine according to the Focus magazine, while in December 2016 she was ranked first in the nomination “The most valuable contribution to the startups’ development” of the PaySpace Magazine Awards competition.

Jane Klepa

Executive Director at 1991 Open Data Incubator

Jane Klepa — mentor and adviser of business-schools, takes an active part in the development of the technological ecosystem of the Kyiv city and Ukraine as a whole. Previously she organized several major events including RoboticsExpo, InnotechUkraine forum and DroneExpoShow.

Currently, Jane is managing 1991 Open Data Incubator — first non-commercial incubator, which develops not only open-data projects but the movement for the open-data based ecosystem in Ukraine as well. The incubator helps to transform ideas into functioning startups, teaches how to work with open data, develop business models, pitch projects and attract investments. Throughout its history, the organization launched 14 incubation programs, attracted over 100 mentors and prepared 116 startups. USD 800 000 were invested in projects incubated in 1991 Open Data Incubator.

Anastasia Sylenok

Executive Director at 1991 Civic Tech Center

Before joining 1991 Civic Tech Center team Anastasia organized massive IT events and conferences, worked as an event-manager at Eurasia Mobile Challenge and event-producer at UNIT.City.

Anastasia has been in charge of the 1991 Civic Tech Center since the project was launched in December 2017. Today, this center is the first hub for development of civic tech projects in Central and Eastern Europe — a platform for the creation and organization of Ukrainian civic tech community and ecosystem. The organization works under the residency principle and permanently conducts thematic events. 1991 Open Data Incubator, Hromadskiy Project, UVCA and other initiatives are among residents of the platform.

Kateryna Borysenko

Manager of the initiative “Hromadskiy project”, Product Owner at DOSVIT

For last 12 years, Katerуna worked in the sphere of marketing, consulting and projects’ management. Currently, she manages “Hromadskiy project” — a program of participation in state budget distribution, which enables every citizen to propose initiatives which will be implemented by local authorities next year. With the help of this project, everyone can take part in the allocation of state budget’s funds by creating and voting for projects.

Katerуna manages the whole cycle of work with users in “Hromadskiy project”: form first interviews with experts and elaboration of the program’s concept to education and supervision of cities. Currently, the project encompasses 65 localities. In 2018 the platform plans to engage 20–30 new local communities.

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