Sustainable Development

First of all what is sustainability — It is the endurance of different system and process.

Sustainability are of three types :

  1. Environmental sustainability :

Here sustainability prevents nature from being used as an inexhaustible source of resources and ensures its protection and rational use.

2. Social sustainability :

Here sustainability make sure that there should be development of people, communities and cultures. Ultimately, it will help to achieve reasonable and fairly-distributed quality of life, healthcare and education across the world.

3. Economic sustainability :

The main focus of sustainability is on economic growth. Basically, within society it generates wealth for all the people who all are living in that particular area. It ensures that there should not be any kind of harm to the environment at any cost.

Sustainable Development :

So basically from above explanation we can conclude that sustainable development is development that meets the needs of the present, without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs.

It helps the people to manage their basic needs along with living standards. A sustainable development approach can bring many benefits in our real or practical life.

Principles of Sustainable development :

  1. Conservation of Ecosystem :

It helps to make the ecological system durable along with preservation of terrestrial and aquatic ecosystem.

2. Population Control :

If people use limited number of resources found on earth then ultimately they can maintain their life in long run.

If people basic needs for food , shelter and clothes are increasing day by day then it will be serious issue for our societies. Therefore sustainable development helps to meet the requirements of an individuals by controlling and managing the population.

3. Conservation of Cultural heritage :

Sustainable development focus on the conservation of social traditions, customs, religious places and cultural aspects of people.

It helps people to avoid superstitions in the societies. It maintain the cultural heritage.

4. Conservation of Biodiversity :

Life is very important for every individual in this whole world. Therefore, people should learn the different program through which our biodiversity can be saved or maintained.

Sustainable development focuses on national and international programs for the conservation of biodiversity.