We are all distinctive people, who think, react and communicate differently (of course) but there is something that we all need no matter who we are, this is disconnecting.

I get very stressed once in a while like any one. I live in a very muddled city filled with cars, smoke, over population and chaos so I see it this way; I have a glass of water which fills up every day and when the water is escaping the glass, this is when I need to escape from what is filling up my glass.

This particular week had been very demanding for me, I had a billion tests, assignments, responsibilities, dramas and other tense events and trust me my glass was at it’s fullest; there was no more space, even for a small drop. I was not joyful, I felt very bad with myself, I was not me and this is when I noticed I HAD to disconnect and had to do it quickly. Luckily I was going to the beach for the weekend which was the perfect timing. As soon as I arrived, I switched off my phone, put away my computer and the only thing I had with me were a book and my free diving gear (and other essentials obviously). I took off and went diving, I dove for about 4 hours then I read, had dinner with my father and went to sleep. This was just one after noon and even though I had several things to do, I just reprogrammed them for the next day and trust me, nothing terrible happened.

For me disconnecting isn’t just the typical “stay away from any technology” because maybe that’s not your case. What I mean is, value what it is that is filling your glass and simply forget about it for a small period of time. You see, when you disconnect from every thing, you connect with yourself and with what has been hidden with distractions.

Yet don’t misconnect this idea with just getting rid of responsibilities, because they are also good, just make sure that they are still allowing you to be and connect with yourself.

Disconnection for me is a strong topic which we as a society ignore. Nowadays there are so many things that distance us from ourselves that we forgetting every time more who we are and what out purpose is.

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