There is a worldwide rise in domestic violence after the implementation of strict movement restrictions to stop the spread of the coronavirus.

A woman in front of a fence wearing a face mask to protect and others from the spread of the coronavirus. (Image Credits: Unsplash/Dimitri Karastelev)

A rising threat

“I can’t even have privacy in the bathroom — and now I have to endure this in a lockdown.”

In an , Ana — who asked for her real name to be omitted — shares her experience living in an apartment with her abusive partner. He insists on absolute control at all times and violently kicks the door when she locks herself in another room.

“Her partner strangled her tonight. While talking to her, it sounded like she has some really serious injuries. …

The luxury fashion brand, Stella McCartney, led a vegan protest on the brand’s 2020 winter collection show in Paris to highlight the hypocrisy of other renowned fashion brands.

Performers in animal costumes join models on the catwalk during Stella McCartney’s 2020 winter collection fashion show.

Here comes the mortifying truth: the fashion industry is the , just after the oil industry. Most of the world’s prominent and elite fashion houses have no regard for implementing ethics in their manufacturing process, to the point where some don’t care about reporting their social or environmental impacts. However, one fashion house stands leagues above the others.

One of the most well-known luxury fashion brands, , founded in 2001, has been creating sustainable fashion ever since. Boasting numerous accomplishments…

Silenced voices. The wake-up call. Dominicans are now roaring with passion, vitality, and determination. The voices unite, everywhere in the world, with the same purpose: to peacefully protest, demanding transparency and reliable explanations about the suspended elections. The awakening of an entire generation has occurred, and the voices are screaming, sharply, and powerfully: “SE VAN!”

Protesters gathered outside the Monument to the Heroes of the Restoration in Santiago De Los Caballeros after the suspended elections. (Photo Credits: Miranda Abbott)

On February 16, 2020, the Dominican Republic was having its municipal elections to elect all local government officials, with a supposed new and more reliable voting system. However, four hours through the elections, which resulted in suspended elections. The renewed…

Did you know that the majority of child labor happens with leading and prominent fast-fashion brands, such as H&M, Zara, Urban Outfitters, Gap, Nike, and Adidas, which are usually the brands that consumers buy and use the most?

Above, a Zara store, one of the most well-known fast fashion brands. (Photo: Creative Commons)

In a world where a dress can cost you 10 euros, and where people use it once or twice and throw it away, one can see that the consumer demand, especially from fast fashion brands, is very high. Hence, these brands want their manufacturing process to be quick, cheap, and efficient.

But what does this mean?

It means that as disheartening as…

Ana Lucia Fernandez Portela

Sometimes in Paris, other times in the Dominican Republic // Journalism, Fashion and Photography

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