Blog What I know about javascript

I don’t know much about javascript. What I know about it is that you can use it for making games on a website like miniclip. Its like having css for interface because you can have your webpage be interactive for example you could have a box that you can click and it changes the box to a red box and if that red box was clicked at a certain time then you win. I am not too sure how or if you could even do that but that is what I think javascript is and how i think it could work in a game or website. In this class i think we would make a simple card game because that is what my brother did last year and he told me that it took very long and was hard to figure out. From everyone I talked to about javascript they said it was hard to get used to and learn because it is a totally different language and its a lot to remember and understand. My brother told me that they were super fast paced at learning javascript and that he it was hard for him to comprehend what he was learning so he had to research further into it to understand exactly what he was learning. Thats sums up pretty much everything I know about javascript. I hope we can create wonderful things with it in our class.

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