I am the best suited candidate for office because I know what the people want. I have been providing the humble service of producing glucose for as long as this cell has been around. Now, I can confidently say that I’m prepared for a leadership position and my on-the-job energy work has helped identify the needs of the community. My products have been a necessary source of energy, which carries out all functions within this cell. For this reason, I am the sole provider and deserve a chance to prove that I am capable of benefiting our society. I will continue to strive to provide food for everyone as I work to maintain functions of the entire cellular community while in office. A little bit of sunlight, a little bit of carbon dioxide, and a little bit of water. As long as the plant is given an abundant amount of these resources, I am capable of supplying all organelles with the necessities to keep us functioning properly, and in this way, lead the cell as a whole. However, should you select me as your official, I will need the help of all others to keep us running properly. For example, my good friend, the mitochondria, is necessary in order to produce ATP from the abundant glucose that I produce. Therefore, it is together that we can make a difference, and it is together that we can change the world for the better.