Why don’t you write about what you did during vacation?

August 18, 2016

1:12 pm

IA Room


A: Mmm… why don’t you write about what you did during vacation.

S: Well…

A: Why not, I mean, it’s one of the most “common” topics people write about.

S: I did nothing during vacation.

A: Define nothing

S and A: *stare

A: I see something workin’… you’re welcome.

And so I started.

So, first blogpost, nothing to write, the typical. Or, I am the only person in the class who doesn’t know what to write. Sounds legitimate. Quick solution to feel that this 45 minutes were useful: write about vacation. Yes, vacation, I mean, why not?

Vacation. Sounds like a vague, basic, the-first-thing-that-came-to-my-mind-like concept, but what does vacation really mean, to me? What is it a time for? So for the people who’ve been spending their life under a rock, vacation (for society) is this. (You have to read it with a cheesy narrator voice, kind of like the one who talks in “The Smurfs”)

Vacation. The time of the year in which people put a stop to their daily routines to travel, spend family time, sleep all day long, play Pokemon GO, or waste their time and money on Netflix series. If none applies to you, well, you’ve clearly spent your life under a rock.

It’s funny how people think that way. Vacation = do whatever you want. Partially, yes, but for me, it’s way different. What is vacation for you? You might be asking. Well, that’s the whole point of this post, be patient. Let me take you back to the lasts days of June, 2016, when I was just finishing 9th grade. Well, why (in concrete) is this vacation period important? Good observation. In fact, it made me think back at why I am writing this. There are two main reasons: number one, my school-life was going through a twist, and number two, my sport-life was going through a twist. 2 major twists in my life, at once. Typical. Or, I’m doomed.

In that case, vacation couldn’t have served me better. I needed time to plan what I was going to do with my life for the rest of the semester to come. Something I was used to do, like I did in other vacation periods, but this one in particular was going to be tough, I knew it. At first, I thought I had exaggerated a little.

S: Alright, I meet up with a team, I do the tryouts, if they don’t “like” me, well, I go to another. Easy.

Sure. The point is, it was harder than I could possibly imagine it, so hard, so time consuming that I haven’t done it yet. As I said before, my sport-life was going through a twist. I was in the middle of getting transferred from a team to another and then the problems came. It’s a long story so you (reader) wouldn’t completely get it. Anyways, the thing is I became extremely stressed and anxious… then vacation came…

The same thing happened with the school-life twist. The transition from 9th to 10th grade is (apparently) really important in my school. It is the first time in which you have to choose which program to stick to. Well, obviously you are choosing the MYP right, I mean, that’s the path to IB. Not quite. I wanted to re-define my learning. I wanted to seek new challenges and try new things. There’s this program called the IA. Even though I had already started with it before ending 9th grade, I wasn’t 100% sure if I wanted to do it. In fact, I was already about to lose my mind because of the deep thinking, when vacation came…

Vacation has taught me a lesson, a lesson I will never forget: Sometimes the thing some call “free time” has a double, indirect meaning to it (in the good sense of it). Sometimes, that “free time” comes in the right moment and hits you in the back of your head and says, “This is the time you have to take advantage of to make changes, learn/try new things, or simply do something productive.” And some people reading this may not care. Maybe you (reader) won’t even understand it. Well, this is what the BLOG is about: I tell you my experiences, the lessons I’ve learned, and well, you… enjoy it? Anyways, this post has come to an end. Now, I want you to think of how you spent your vacations, I mean, do you really think (now that you’re reflecting) that you took advantage of your “free time” and tried a new sport for example, or learned something you didn’t pay attention to, or even looked back at your life and said, “man, I need to make changes.” Because vacation has a double meaning to it. Remember that always.

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