Ad Project

Ad Subject: The Gardens on Timberlake

Ad Problem: The Students of Liberty University need to know about the viable option The Gardens on Timberlake is when looking to move off-campus.

Product characteristics:

· Close proximity to campus

· Modern luxury apartments

· Newly constructed

· Spacious

· Amenities including a gym, putting green, theatre, pool and clubhouse.

· Located next to wooded running trails

· Free WiFi and cable

· All inclusive rent

Advertising objective

Let Liberty University students know The Gardens on Timberlake is an exceptional option when looking to move off campus in a humorous and intriguing way.

Target Market: Liberty University students 18–25 looking to move off campus

Competition: Cornerstone, The Vue, Park Place, Waldon Pond and other apartment/housing complexes in the Lynchburg area.

Statement of benefit or appeal

· The Gardens on Timberlake is a luxurious conveniently located apartment complex close to Liberty’s campus.

· Utilities, WiFi and cable are included in the monthly rate.

Creativity theme

College done right

Supportive selling points

· Close to Liberty University

· Free WiFi and cable

· 24-hour state-of-the-art-amenities

· New construction

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6 Reasons Why The Garden on Timberlake is the Best Apartment Complex in Town

  1. Location
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· Sure, living on campus is “super convenient”… You know what else is “super convenient”? Living with your parents until you’re 35. The Gardens on Timberlake is only minutes away from Liberty University. Which is great because gas is expensive and you don’t live with your mom anymore. Also, if you ever want to do adult things like buy groceries, it’s less than a block away from the nearest store.

2. Newly built

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· Let’s just say that there’s a reason why our apartments look like castles straight out of the “fire breathing dragon middle ages”. We think that you should be treated like the kings and queens that you are. These brand new, multimillion dollar apartment buildings are the perfect place for anyone who expects the best out of life. The Gardens on Timberlake sat down with architects and designed a place that screams, “I don’t talk to peasants”… with a modern flair of course.

3. Spacious

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· This room isn’t as big as the Washington Monument, but danggit if it doesn’t represent the freedom that we believe about here in America. The Garden on Timberlake’s apartments range from 1–3 bedrooms and up to 1776 sq. ft.* If you love freedom, this is the place for you.

*(size of room exaggerated for dramatic affect, 1 bedroom rooms are 940sq. ft., 2 bedroom rooms are 1,150sq. ft.–1,350 sq. ft. and 3 bedroom rooms are 1,230 sq. ft.-1525 sq. ft.)

4. 24-hour club house

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· Want a place to hang out that makes you feel way richer than you actually are? The Garden on Timberlake’s 24-hour clubhouse provides a pool, game room and theater room that will satisfy your deepest desires. Come have a pool party, live a little.

5. Running trails

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· Tired of trying to convince yourself that running in place on a treadmill is fun? The Garden on Timberlake provides miles of paved trails throughout the 15 acre property. Running this will give you plenty of time to try and convince yourself that running outside is any better.

6. Free WiFi and cable

· See how much she is smiling? Thats because free WiFi and cable are a big deal, a really big deal. That’s all there is to say about it.

If these 6 reasons didn’t convince you that The Gardens on Timberlake is the greatest apartment complex to live in, then head over to their website so they can give you about 100 more. In all seriousness, if you want a place that lives up to your expectations on what everyone wants their college experience to be like, it’s this place. Go check out The Gardens on Timberlake, you won’t be disappointed.

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