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Planned Parenthood Defunded in Ohio

According to CNN, Ohio Gov. John Kasich signed a bill on Sunday that will stop Planned Parenthood from receiving government funds. The bill will reduce the government support of all state health departments by $1 million. There was significant backlash from the president of Planned Parenthood as he said the bill will have “devastating consequences”.

Pawlenty Endorses Rubio

According to CNN, former governor of Minnesota Tim Pawlenty endorsed Marco Rubio on television on Monday morning. Pawlenty made claimes that Rubio is the “total package” and “the strongest image”. Pawlenty also claimed that the difference between Rubio and Trump is that Rubio is informed.

Will Ferrell’s Alliance Changes

According to CNN, after being advertised on Bernie Sander’s campaign website, comedian Will Ferrell posted a video urging citizens of Nevada to vote in the Democratic caucus. It is reported that Ferrell has donated to her campaign and is hosting a fundraiser for her in Los Angeles on Monday. In a statement, Ferrell stated that the Democratic nominee will have his vote.