HMWK 5.10

Plant Accident

Who — Duane LaChance

What — suffered third-degree burns

When — 3 p.m. today

Where — Petal Municipal Power Plant

How — installing pipes and getting touched by a power line carrying 15,000 volts

A 53-year-old employee of Petal Municipal Power Plant sustained third-degree burns Wednesday after touching a power line carrying 15,000 volts of electricity.

After touching the line while installing pipe on the roof of the plant, Duane LaChance was transported to the hospital for treatment.

McCartney Illness

Who — Peter McCartney

What — Went to the hospital for throat surgery

Where — Riverside Hospital

When — today, surgery tomorrow

Peter McCartney was hospitalized for throat surgery Wednesday after the Bennet Auditorium performance in which his voice was reduced to a whisper.

The surgery is scheduled to take place Thursday and his recovery time is yet to be determined.

BOE Meeting

Who — Hattiesburg Board of Education

What — Held a meeting to discuss enrollment

When — this morning

The Hattiesburg Board of Education met Wednesday Morning to discuss the drop in enrollment for the third year in a row.

According to the Assistant superintendent Max Hoemmeldorfer, “This is the third year we’ve lost enrollment. The future looks bleak.”

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