HMWK due 3/24/16

PR Story Ideas

  1. A press release regarding the construction and growth of Liberty University’s campus.
  2. A story about Liberty’s acquisition of River Ridge Mall.
  3. A story about the graduation rate trends in the last 45 years.

News Releases

  1. Apple released its newest iPhone to the market. It contains enhanced internal features as well as a reduced screen size mirroring that of the iPhone 5s. The product is expected to start at a price of $399.
  2. Apple announced a recall for all AC wall adapters for international travel that were bought from 2003–2015. Apple says that in very rare cases the casing can break causing electrocution. In order to ensure safety, Apple will exchange all old adapters for new ones.
  3. British Petroleum (BP) announced that they will be renovating their gas stations starting in 2016 to allow for a more pleasant experience. This, coupled with their customer loyalty program, will allow BP to grow as a company. BP’s president declared that business is successful and it is “a good time to be a part of the BP brand.”
  4. Reebok, in an attempt to promote health awareness within their company, has removed all soda machines from their Massachusetts headquarters. Their hope is that this change will promote a healthy lifestyle that their customers will adopt as well. This movement is the result of their “be more human” campaign, urging people to live to their fullest potential.
  5. Target has started a “free cookie and fruit program” for their young shoppers. Historically if a shopper is age 12 or younger, they are allowed one free cookie per visit to super Target. After hearing requests for healthier options however, Target is supplying the option of fruit for their young shoppers to choose from as well.
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