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How many of you believe you would be in the same phase of life and be what you are today inspite of all the big and important decisions and events till now that have happened go the other way around?

My journey started a decade ago, but back then I never imagined I would love doing what I do today. At every stage in the past 10 years, I made different choices as I strongly believe not following the herd.

When I freshly graduated from college with a CS degree 🎓, I was very enthusiastic. It was also a very…

supercharge your NGINX

NGINX is perhaps the most versatile web server out there, and it can beat other servers when configured correctly. It can also do other important things, such as load balancing, HTTP caching, and can be used as a reverse proxy.

Over the years, we’ve seen so many configurations which improve security and increase the performance of your web application overall — allowing you to keep up with latest trends.

I’m going to share the minimalist NGINX config that I found is most optimised which I have been using for new my new tool VisaList. I had to do a lot…

Major mobile platforms

In this article, I have tried to point out what was good or great and what was bad or horrible while working on a single product across these app stores. I hope this will be of help some of you who might be like me building for these platforms.

Some Background

Trying to find my calling

Its been 7 months since I quit my 9–5 desk job and I wanted to share why it’s the best thing I have ever done. I will summarise this short time of the long-awaited journey in 4 simple sections which will give a small insight into why, when and how my mircrostartup-phase-nomad-life has panned out.

I have been coding and building products at Practo for the past 4 years. From writing the first version of doctor search, conceiving a new vertical, online consultation with doctors, to taking care of the core product of Practo, doctor search. I have been an…

Oh yeah! Thats me without my head gear!! 😎

Have you ever thought how it is sleeping in a open place where the temperature can drop from -10°c to -25°c? Have you ever thought what you are going to do when you fall into a frozen river when ice breaks below your feet? Have you ever thought of taking a dip in a river without clothes which is at subzero °c (more or less -10°c)? Have you ever wondered how its like to ride on sledge on icesheet which can break and you can drown completely? Have you ever thought that this could be a your last moment when…


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