“The Reason I Am Changing My Name”

As some of you may have noticed, I have changed my public profile name on my personal page, and the reason being is because of some recent assessing I’ve been doing concerning my music career. I realized some things about myself throughout the process of working with some of my clients that I didn’t really embrace before.

I realized that I love writing for people more than I actually like being on the stage, and I love engineering more than I love producing. Put simply, I love being in the background of things.

Don’t get me wrong, producing and performing are most definitely my first loves, but I’m growing and being in the background is becoming more and more a love of mine… Will I still spit rhymes? Most definitely! AM I still open to doing a feature on someone’s track? Absolutely, but because of what I am doing now, and where I am trying to go, I think it’s best to retire the name “Today’s David.”

I personally don’t think it’s market friendly anyway. Lol! Real Talk!

So I will simply be going by my real name until I truly settle on something that is both market friendly and fits me as an artist.

Also in the future, I will be in speakings with my attorney about changing my business name from, “One Mishyon Music Productions” to simply, “One Mishyon Music,” which is the very reason you only see me market myself as #1MishyonMusic

Just some small things that I’m doing now — early in my career, so that going forward its not harder to regain fans that you may loose in the process of making switches like this later….

So just wanted to give everyone a heads up, so that there’s no surprises later.

Thank you all for supporting me in whatever way you do and will do in the future.

Peace & Blessings

Stanley E. Clayton

-One Mishyon Music