A Chicken Ingredient Linked to Cancer

Arsenic contaminated chicken has been an issue in the United States for quite sometime. In 2011, the FDA reported that inorganic arsenic was present in non-organic chicken samples. In most instances, these reports are restricted to a specific region of the country. However, in 2015, the FDA admitted that a whopping 70 percent of chicken purchased in the U.S. contains arsenic.

Arsenic is a natural element that acts like a metal. In its organic form, arsenic is present in the Earth’s crust, soil, water and air. Inorganic arsenic, on the other hand, is produced by industrial processes like mining and cold-fired power plants, and is present in the air, water and soil, according to GreenFacts. Long-term exposure to arsenic has been linked to a host of health problems, including type 2 diabetes, cognitive defects in fetuses, heart disease and various cancers.

Article by: Snippets of article by True Viral News

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