Da ngiga Jay just told me dat DNA stood for “Dead Ngiga Association”. He enjoys watching & talking about such things; as though he’s ever had an involvement in affairs outside of music. I mean, he did; however, slimeball Nas & Nas babymuvva. A freak arse, stealn arse wh-re cause he’ain get caught.

But’da ngiga ain’t chit. Scuse me, He some good stinky chit. Btich arse made me forget what I wanted to write about. Cause, da ngiga lips hangn down blockn scenarios. You cain’t see’da scenario no more so you forget. He use dem mawfcukas as weaponry.

Oh just remembered. It was something from a song, bout’a broad. Oh, dat she xactly what’da ngiga nee’dough. He think he J and shaw got like; like, a 3 by 2 type deal dat he really into right now. Fcuk around be some 3 by 3, bonita type chit. But I’ain’eme really mad at dat cause mines goin be better dough; 3 in 1.

I’ma love dem true dough. He prolly don’t really care bout his shawty shawties. Cause he use people up. Y’all think I’m lying. For any illegitimacy he do, he’a use a dumbarse ngiga’da take’da charge. He use ‘floppy-jalopy’ broads too. @’ngiga some chit. Dhey tussy’s always be extra touched. Even innocent seeming ones.

I guess she goto Mom-duke house on’a weekend, and bam!!! Here dis ngiga come wit’da droopy-hangn down type chit. He try send threats & all’@, but the thoughts though. Thoughts of mass pacification rule the mind.

I just wanted to say that I’ve been Lamentations 3:26; healing up. Bou’da fcuk me some’a you btiches up in’@ ring. Btich arse ngigas. Smack on you wh-res. Seen ‘Big Goofy’ confused arse; literally spinning around in’a ring. Like three-fo times’da goofy ngiga done’@ bullchit. I’a straight dance & beat on the ngiga. Have fun wit his dancing roun’a mawfcukn ring arse.

But I’cou dance on y’all ngigas, and beat on y’all mawfcukn head. Ju’wh-res!!

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