I Ecclesiastes 7:27‘d. That ‘Two Guns’ told them. He’d relayed to the trainers & fighter about what to do & how to fight me. Cause I easily defeated him. I’d set him up perfectly for the ko.

Then strangely during the fight, when the time came to ko him, he was extremely distant. After being comforted, after having fought rounds, how was he smarter than everyone else I’d boxed since I discovered a way to knock everybody out.

After the fight, I immediately began considering; that how’d the guy I fought know; not of extra intelligence, but not even former champ & tested veterans, get so knowledgeable during heated ring competition. Over the years, I mulled over this fight & what I immediately began experiencing.

The figured relation between a female I’d began dating, the manner we met; outside of my trainer’s girlfriend’s job. The kind’ ve abrupt manner; she approached me being so attractive. Ecclesiastes 7:27. For some reason, they were out to get me. I saw it then, and began believing the bitterness arising from my trainer not being available to train me for about 2 wks.

As result, and to avoid traveling all the distance(trainer unavailable with no explanation), I just trained in Baltimore. At a boxing gym in Bmore. Now I figured further, that the trainer from Bmore calls the trainer from D.C. to let him know! That Steve’s been training here in my gym for two weeks, and ‘looks fight ready’, and that what’re you gonna do with him? The DC trainer taking the ‘stirring wheel’ saying that, ‘As far as he knows, he still trains me’. Which he did, but with me not wanting to lose the sharpness I’d developed with ‘Correleone’.

But upon returning to D.C.; training on Bladensburg Rd., I’d began developing this ‘check joint’. Could hit everybody with it, undoubtedly. Cause I never showed; anytime during competition, until it was time. Could always tell when it was time. But I ran into ‘Two Guns’. His ‘popping into’ the gym was strange; even, then. Was seeking work & I needed some to get ready for the fight. During sparring: I even, waited him out, to deliver about 3/4 ‘checks’ on him. Was relatively easy as well.

A year later, I saw a video on youTube; of, that fighter, training in Virginia with the same trainer who trained the guy I fought. Thus, ‘Two Guns’ coming to get work that one day; on Bladensburg Rd. wasn’t coincidence. I figured it as a setup. Even then I peeped the signs, but it truly didn’t matter, so I thought.

But what ‘Two Guns’(an eventual white house fence jumper during Pres Obama’s presidency) relayed to the fighter & trainer, was to stay away. That when I did a certain thing, to just stay away. His btich arse did that too.

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