“I know you messn around, but who the hell else is gonna hold me down?” “A part of me wants to leave, but the other side still believes.” And such is love. But’chu gaa consider; that is he ‘rawin’ her? Heck ya!

Then, does she look up at him with his shaft in mouth. Then, what exactly transpires doggy style? Like, is he fcukn’a chit out of her? Do they tell each other of their love for the other? When those things occur; maybe, forget dat.

It’ll forever remain in your thoughts & countenance. But then again Ecclesiastes 10:19. I gotta always keep that in mind. Chiiit. J.S. d-mn sure is. You just go head do’da same cau’you’n need love truth forever cause you’re the sweetest ever(sarcasm). Mawfcukn ever! But just goin take it right? My love ain’t dat; right? You heard. You’n deserve dat type ignorance. Da ngiga is regularly within her; like, she’s you. Me myself, finding another whom I know will love me forever, I’ain never goin back. Just me. But there’s one other, who loves you. Are you not aware of him? He stays with you. Easily, everyday, all day.

‘What’chu need might pass you by.” “What’chu need ironically will turn out what’chu wan it to be, if you just let it.” “I loved real-real hard once, but the love wasn’t returned.” -Lauryn Hill- But I recall February, and I was attempting to ride ‘L-Boogie’ truth to the promised land. I was proven incorrect. Just sayn, still here after that major disappointment. Still trine love you. You heard MaMa? Love you a whole lot. @’s it.

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