I understand all’@ political stuff but dat wadn’t wut my concern was. I spoke of your absolute brilliance as she. The love that’d developed. I rarely speak of that, but doesn’t that deserve releasing; considering Feb; then the Nov/Dec relativity creating February’s pain. Naa. I deserve to release that. The ‘no face-face love’ benefit; being, the ability to occasionally speak of it. Right? The only benefit right? To speak of the love dream occasionally. Haa’da ‘fulfillment of law’ done become a dream? Ecclesiastes 7:29. “Only in America” -Don King- And yeah, chit go down on’a elevator. When’a ngiga gets off, go to the parking garage, hop in his lul; ‘cheap for him’ twin turbo Porche Cayenne, and haul arsing to get up in J.S. Cain’t num stop’im from curvn’er dat night. But I prolly stopped him a night/two. Shady mawfcuka.

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