When my 1st daughter’s mother was extremely regular sex throughout a day. Like, the absolute easiest access. She was wantn it; desiring it for throughout the day smooth stroke. She spoiled me, for when I moved on to another, there wasn’t much that I’d go through for sex cause it was right there, so regularly, for years. Their was no difficulty when desiring fellatio, or the wet-wet. Spoiled, and after experiencing such desire from a she, was impossible to go back to extra wanting & attempting. She’d spoiled me.

Was like, why I gaa ask, or manipulate to get the ‘head’ or tussy. Had to go through a laa chit. Like, my ‘now’ girlfriend thought she was too good. I needed somebody that did me right physically after my 1st daughter’s mother spoiled me. Either she ‘loved her some me’, or was a ‘pure-d’ freak. But regardless, she dag-on sure spoiled me. Fellatio while driving, and some chit I won’t’eme mention.

Was like, ‘I done had so much of it, that I’un’eme care’. I just couldn’t fight with a broad, or tussle with her, or plead with her; for sexual encounters, that I’d experienced ‘free of charge’, for bout 7yrs.

Can’t imagine my 2nd baby muvva was the way she was with me, with others. But still, I wasn’t ever pressed because of too much ‘love’ previous. Indeed though, a “Soldier of Love”(Sadé). But at this point, I’m just like you. That, “Nothing even matters to me.”(Lauryn Hill) ‘Don’t’eme matter no moe’.

Ngiga, your dumb, desperate, and happy arse up this early? You goin have to get’da fcuk way’um me. Ngiga Hov stay wit’a fcuk boy type. Ain’t payn your dumbarse chit. Or is the promise, that he’a fcuk your dukey? Doin chit for him got’chur dumbarse thinkn you’re “association qualified”. “Bow-down btiches!” -MaMa

You know the Orangutang ain’t got no life; in association, wit’chur loose booty arse. But my dude, please stay off my chit? Do your own life relaxation type chit. Do chit on your own, away from me. You’ain learn’@? Another reason you gaa stay’way mane. Btichy arse.

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