When the job is one of ‘The high turnover rate’ bullchit jobs of the late 90’s; then New millennium bullchit jobs. They’d pull you into the office & relay some chit as a problem that you’d no interest/involvement in. When government allowed the employer to do as they pleased; causing, said ‘high turnover rate’. Had to’ve been a tax/financial benefit for said business. Just Ecclesiastes 7:27.

Cause we bounced around from one Telemarketing/Inside Sales company to another; though, I must say that Inside Sales is much less scripted. ‘Straight off top’; telemarketing being scripted. But it’s all a hustle. ‘Mr. Ronnie Trump’ having mastered such; on, the highest level. Will easily sell you his 1980 Bentley for $$500k.

Cause’@ mawfcuka’a mawfcukn classic dough! @’s why your dumbarse’a buy dat chit.

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