When the police are so fully & completely understanding & reasonable when others commit crimes. Cause they have reasons for it, and it wasn’t a whole crime. Nah. Like only 47% of one. But chit cause; don’t let a ngiga hit’chu. You goin’a jail, get a bail, and must afford an attorney.

When’hey; being, Thomas Jefferson, Alexander Hamilton’em had' a ngiga in mind. Like: 'What if there’s a ngiga who really ain’t do chit?" Like: 'How can we nail him to the cross; like, Jesus’? Like if a mawfcuka shoot’chu in your head. Dhey’a be like: ‘His attempt wasn’t the victim’s head, but he was aiming for his larynx. He didn’t mean to go higher’. Like: ‘Based on’@ assumed fact, we’ve gotta release the ‘gun slinger’.

Like: ‘The victim’(Lul Dirk & Meek Mill) will slowly but surely regain his sight; being the reasoning for us not pressing charges.