When truth realization comes to you by way of their actual acts. That every black; in an age bracket, complained of police misbehavior. Now realizing the many interactions they had with BCPD.

That they spoke from experience. I thought ‘they we’re just another kid telln lies’!(Lenachka, delivered by the MaMa ability). But still, something’s incorrect both ways. The officer’s not gonna stand & complete a psychoanalysis on the scene of whatever difficulty they experienced.

But now figùring the benefit; for officers of ‘the look away’, or not being there. When they’re excellent with those skills; now, as there top achievement throughout dhey work day. You gaa watch cause President ‘Ronald Trump’ will take pics with, go’da crab, shrimp, or oyster feasts. He just doesn’t care that BCPD assists with Bmore’s poverty; always, being that. Dhey like: ‘We’ain letn’eez ngigas grow intellectualy/financially. “Watch me unfold.” Alina Baraz & Galimatias(some MaMa love)

That whether you’re aggressive/not, that you’ll be in custody. Cause that’s when they’ll come. After you’’ve killed, or assaulted majorly. Or had either of those done to you.

This is the secret realization they’ve discovered after psychoanalysis. That, ‘A ngiga d-mned if he do, d-mned if he don’t’ in America. Da ‘poe-poe’ like, ‘Just let them do their Proverbs 22:6, en we got dhey ‘think dhey smart arse’’. Just figured I’d add my psychoanalysis to the uncontained fire of BCPD vs. Young blacks & street ngigas; they, being the police who control the income of inner city blacks. Cause dhey goin get; even, a Nolle Prosequi to be seen by employers. Dem mawfcukn Nolle Prosequi’s a have an otherwise hard working ngiga down ‘homosexual haven’; being, Social Service. They immoral, flock there for employment. Government’s all for the Abominable sins. You wonder how?! With the GREAT-GREAT Founding Fathers having utilized thoughts consistent of a God majority, while writing our constitution.

Oww slavemasters have evolved from whip & tree & rape. Naw. It’s glocks, Slap Jack’s, small arse backseats for big ngigas, manipulative questions in hopes of getting the evidence from you yourself(But they were doing that “false witness bearing before the War of 1812). Amy Mek, this is why Islam’s promoted. Ngigas is: “Fed up! Dhey cain’t take it no moe!”

They turn to Islam with the church loaded with infidelity & homosexuality. Put out 47 posts a day about the things I’ve mentioned. Help’a couple ngigas out, pretty.

“I lose my balance on these eggshells!” -Alessia Cara-from MaMa

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