When you fight through the ‘year long threats’; then forced immoral residential neighbors; assuming, you done did’jo job, “But nope!” That was apparently to easy for’ya. Gotta figure something else’da test’im. When their like: ‘Let the Orangutang empregnate her; with two, and then let’s just scrap fruition right now’. Like: ‘@’’ll fcuk with’em’nhere.

Keep going through the dumbest mawfcukn chit. Naa you gaa live with another stank arse ape. But’chu’ain goin zap out & roll out. Your dumbarse is dreamin’a love. You already’dat’chur mind fcuked up.

You let mawfcukas, let’chu believe you could turn pro. A mawfcukn dreamer, like Scarface. Chit some bullchit though. Been dreamn since ’97, and been derailed by the evil of others. Then, ain’t never release your frustration.

Digression: That Jigga & Esco beef was really over Jigga; cheating, with Esco ‘baby muvva’. Ngiga ain’t never been chit. Bet his btich arse ain’t been fcuked up for it one time. @ fcuk him up is a mawfcukn requirement. Cause’@ ngiga some stank chit. True mawfcukn talk dough.

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