6 steps to choosing the right builder for your home improvement project

Picking the right contractor is essential for the smooth running of a project. However, there are a lot of people to choose from. For homeowners with experience of the industry it’s hard to know who’s appropriate. But there are a few steps which will make a happy relationship much more likely.

  1. Ask for recommendations. Word of mouth is always the best way to find professionals. Friends and family are likely to suggest someone suitable and this starts things off on a stronger relationship.
  2. Check experience. Aptitude with a specific trade as well as running teams is a good combination for a homeowner. This means that they can fix problems themselves whilst managing larger jobs.
  3. See past work. The scale and quality of past projects is important to check. They are a great indicator of suitability.
  4. Recommendations. Past clients can provide a lot of information. Making sure that things went well, or where any weaknesses or strengths are will help with preparation.
  5. Qualifications. Builders and carpenters may have City and Guilds or other qualifications which add to their credibility. Electricians and gas safe plumbers are legally required to have qualifications in order to work.
  6. Personality. Being able to communicate well creates a stronger relationship. If any problems to arise or there are changes this will make them easier to work through.
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