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You don’t love music if you have a complaint with how you get it. If you like it, do what it takes to get it be it by pirate or pay. Thats not that hard to understand in terms of personal entertainment preferences. What about movies that still go to DVD after their theatre runs instead of going to Netflix? Are the suffering from “not-being-at-finger-tips”? Or vice-versa; doest not having a DVD release and going to Netflix from theaters hurt? Honestly, the future in music Should be that every ‘major’ artist should have their version own a TIDAL. This article promotes consumer laziness in this “fast food/microwave” era. Point taken but SPOTIFY clearly robs artists if Huge Popular acts have routinely removed their works from there. In this age of the digital boycott, SPOTIFY still having a space in the market shows that today’s fans are as fickle as ever; speaking toward the said Fan to Artist Loyalty.


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