My education was poor, I went to a council school in the 1950’s and 1960’s so you are most likely going to find plenty of errors in my post. I lived in County Durham in the North East of the UK as a child and went to a school in a little mining village, so you can imagine what the quality of teaching was like like.

I am now a grade 5 driving instructor, I was on TV for 9 years (Discovery Channel,) a radio presenter for 11 years, and I now write e-books on the supernatural and the unexplained; which I do have proof read by the way, ha ha …… So it just goes to show; no matter what education you have you can make something of your life.

My first book is called; “There’s a Ghost in my House” by Spooks, on Amazon.

The second book is called, “A walk on Spirit Street” by Spooks, on Amazon.

Book three is out in November 2016 and called, “Ashes to Ashes and Back” by Spooks, on Amazon.

They are all TRUE short stories never read before and any photos of spirits or ghosts are REAL and never seen before. I was inspired to write by the author Jackie Newcombe, (The Angel Lady) after reading her books. Let me explain why I wrote these books.

25 years ago I started to see weird things, visions of things that actually happened. A plane crash, a murder, a major disaster, a freind breaking his arm, they all came true within two weeks. Everything in my visions were perfectly true and so accurate. It frightened the life out of me at first because I didn’t have a clue what was happening to me, I thought I was going to be zapped up by spacemen or something, but now 25 years on I am fine with it all. I still have the visions, but to add to that I now have visits from the dead. I wont go too deep into this as it would spoil it should you read my books.

Nearly every night I have a visit from someone in spirit around 3 am. I am given messages to pass on to a loved one or a friend, but they are not always my family. Sometimes they are easy to understand, but sometimes it takes me hours or days to find out who it is for and what on earth it is about. I see spirit, I hear them, I talk to them, and I get answers too. Sometimes their answers are in pictures, sometimes they are in speech. I have done a lot for people who have lost someone and are so pleased when they have a message. Not everyone welcomes me with open arms however. Some think I am pure evil and should be burned or locked away for ever, Whoooo hang on a minute, I thought I was the evil one?

I DO NOT charge any money for what I do before you judge me, but I do ask them if they are happy with what I have for them to put a donation into cancer research. That is my choice of charity as this is how I lost my eldest brother, who I do still talk with sometimes.

The stories in my books are quite short but ever one is true with my hand on my heart. The things I have seen and done, the stories and photos others have sent to me are unreal. These books are only for over 18’s and certainly not for the weak hearted. They are not books of horror, but stories of visits from the spirit world, visions I have had that came true, ghost stories, unexplained smells that remind you of a loved one,being touched when there is no one around, and some folklore too.

NOPE! I’m not crazy; I am a normal guy who does pretty much the same stuff as anyone else. I get ill, I have car crashes, I make mistakes in life, I like a pint, I meet the wrong partner, you know what I mean. But if you are interested in any way about the spirit world, is there a life after death, can we come back to visit loved ones, maybe you should have a read. I have written my books in what I call layman’s terms. I kept them as simple as I can so even a novice can understand what I am saying. They may come across as child like to a seasoned author. But as I always say, what is the point of a book that uses words and phrases you have not got a clue what they mean, I just put the book down and get on with my day, we are not all academics. I need to have things explained to me in a new subject. Feel free to have a browse and happy reading.

Love and Light to all of you.