Meet the ‘Inbound Marketing’ Dream Team

This month represents the 5 year anniversary of the first publication of Brian Halligan and Dharmesh Shah’s Inbound Marketing book, so I thought it time to revisit the modern marketing classic to see how practices may have changed. While the inbound approach has become much more sophisticated with the introduction of many more helpful tools for content marketers, many of the original lessons conveyed are still very relevant for content marketers in 2014.

As with any good piece of cornerstone content, I picked up new insights that I had either forgotten or overlooked the first time through. For instance, the book recommends for all B2B marketers to “make a list of all the top people in your industry” who they’d like to connect with over coffee.

As co-founder of an early stage content marketing company there’s a growing list of influencers I want to learn from, so narrowing the list to only 5 contacts was not an easy feat.

My goal was to keep the list aspirational, but also attainable. While I’d certainly love to grab a Latte with content guru Joe Pulizzi or pints of beer with marketing whiz Jeff Bullas, I’m assuming they are on most other content marketers coffee lists, so rising above the noise might be difficult.

As such, below is a group of marketers and analytics experts who will have strong interest and guidance around the analytics and packaged insights our technology provides preceded by the topics I’d want to discuss with each of them:

Executing B2B Content Marketing in the Real World:

Michael Brenner — Recently listed as one of Newscred’s 50 Most Influential Content Marketers Michael is the Vice President of Global Marketing for SAP where he leads content strategy and serves as the managing editor of the company’s award-winning Business Innovation blog. Michael has a firm grasp of the B2B Marketing Landscape and could unquestionably help uncover many new use cases for ways our technology might best help B2B Marketers worldwide.

Converting Leads with Web Analytics:

Dave Chaffey — Content Analytics and PDF tracking is a big component of what we do. Dave is the visionary behind 7 Step to Success guides with an strong interest in leveraging analytics to help convert leads and drive sales. Given our common interests, Dave could provide out of the box guidance to shed new light about how our analytics might benefit B2B marketers, as well as further refine how our lead engagement metrics are packaged to provide meaningful insights to more effectively drive sales. In addition, Dave’s work with Smart Insights and the countless marketing documents they distribute to their Expert Members would provide us a virtual playground, for Docalytics to employ our technology to measure and capture insights around what truly makes for engaging content.

Becoming a Content Marketing Juggernaut:

Lee Odden— Lee heads up TopRank Online Marketing and was recently ranked #19 of the top 25 top content marketing influencers. He is arguably one of the most effective marketers in leveraging long form content like eBooks and whitepapers to help drive sales.

A major plus is that Lee is the only marketer on the list within walking distance of Docalytics offices in Minneapolis and given that he played a pivotal role in helping Marketo build the foundation of their early content marketing strategy, he would could do a lot to validate the value of our Insight Engine for content marketers and help Docalytics become a leading brand in B2B content marketing.

Deep, Deep Thoughts on Web Analytics:

Avinash Kaushik — Did we mention we value marketing analytics? As the Digital Marketing Evangelist for Google, Avinash is unquestionably one of the foremost thought leaders on digital marketing and analytics. Securing time with Avinash is certainly a long shot, and there is no guarantee my peon sized brain would grasp the wisdom imparted, however I know 30 minutes of espresso enlightenment with Avinash would help transform how Docalytics thinks about our technology and the analytics we capture on all types of document engagements.

Bridging the Gap Between Sales & Marketing:

Frank Belzer — Frank brings fresh sales perspective to the Inbound Marketing community and his book Sales Shift — explores how inbound marketing has turned sales upside down making it more difficult and more lucrative at the same time. A discussion with Frank would help shine new light on how the analytics and packaged insights we provide around individual prospective customers could best benefit the sales team and better bridge the gap between B2B sales and marketing teams.

Bonus Discussion: The Future of Content Marketing & Engagement Analytics:

Josh Braaten — Josh is a last minute addition to the list, uncovered through this excellent blog post about the current state of demand for web analytics in marketing. It’s clear that Josh is a passionate, measurement-oriented interactive marketer with a penchant for inbound marketing and web analytics who could provide great insight around the future state of content marketing and campaign measurement and just so happens to hang his hat a stones throw from the Docalytics offices, making an after work drink a no brainer.

Who in your industry would you most like to meet? I’d love to add you to this list and discuss your thoughts over a cup of coffee or many beers (first round’s on me!), so please reach out to or share your thoughts via a comment below…

EDITOR’S UPDATE: We received feedback that there aren’t enough women in this post. We’ll admit we should have considered more of the many highly talented female inbound marketing experts — with our sincerest apologies, we’d like to add this list of inspirational female marketers all of whom happen to be speaking at the Inbound Conference in 2014.

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