Should You Get Single Door Refrigerator or Double Door Refrigerator?

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When it comes to appliances it becomes difficult to choose from the wide range of models. These appliances not only help you in completing everyday chores but also gives your home a cool look. If you are looking for a refrigerator, but confused between single door refrigerator and double- door refrigerator, no worries, 1 stop camera advice you few things to consider that will help you in making a decision.


Here are all the things you should consider before choosing one.

The Pros and Cons of Fridge with Double Doors

Pro: They’ll give you more room in your kitchen.

A double-door refrigerator is popular among folks nowadays. Because it offers a wide-swinging door, two doors swinging in opposite directions instead of one, the clearance is much better on a double-door fridge. That means you get more space to keep more stuff in your kitchen.

Pro: The setup puts your most-eaten food up top where you can see it.

Unlike other styles of refrigerators, Double-door versions always have the freezer on the bottom, usually as a pull-out drawer. You’ll be able to see your veggies, milk, and other daily necessities right on the top of the fridge when you open the doors, without having to bend down at all. So with this fridge, you can give VIP placement to your VIP foods. Isn’t cool?

Con: They’re usually more expensive.

When you buy a car, every additional change you make to it is going to quickly jack up the price, right? The same goes for refrigerators. A standard, single-door refrigerator is like a base model. If you want double doors, you’ll be paying a premium for the cool look, and typically they’ll cost more as compared to single door fridge.

Pro: They’re energy-efficient.

Every time when you open fridge, you’re letting cold air out, causing the machine to work harder to keep everything inside cool. Because in the case of double door fridge, you have the option of opening only one of the doors at a time, and this how you let less cold air out and save a lot of less energy.

Pro: They’re very (very) organized. And very big.

Needless to say, all refrigerators have shelves, but a double-door refrigerator has multiple drawers and tiers that offer you the platform to split up all your meal prep into perfectly organized layers on one side of the refrigerator. Also, allow you to use the width of the fridge to store last night’s pizza. Additionally, most of the biggest models available in the market are made with double doors so you can size up to have a bit more room.

Con: The door storage can be narrow.

All that big size means you still have a trade-off: The door shelves on double-door fridges tend to be a little bit narrower. In case you want to keep pitchers of juice, giant water bottles, and tons of condiments jars on your refrigerator door, you might have to rearrange.

The Pros and Cons of the fridge with the Single Door

Pro: They’re cheaper.

If you are following a tight budget, a single-door refrigerator is the best option for you. It might do not give a modern look to your kitchen, but it will keep your food cool. And isn’t that more important?

Con: The door of fridge swings wide when someone opens it.

Let’s explore the truth: Bigger door = bigger radius as it opens. And for most people living in houses, this might not be a big deal for them, but when you’re living in an apartment or just have a small kitchen, it might take the big space in your kitchen. Especially, when you open the refrigerator door.

Pro: There are fewer handles to clean!

Not sure if it makes sense or not, but most people often think of how many germs are on the fridge door, no matter how often you wash your hands! That number only increases when you have two fridge doors.

Pro: They’re easier to close.

Double-door fridges need to push closed. Like, really pushed. No doubt, some have alarms that will ring if the doors have been open for too long, but what if nobody is at home including you? Unfortunately, that beeping won’t save your milk! This is one of the reason, most people prefer Single-door fridges as they are much easier to close (on the first try!), and so you won’t ever have to concern about if it is properly shut while you are not at home.

Con: They’re not much of a statement piece.

If you want to give your kitchen design a modern look, this appliance is not for you. No doubt, it will keep your food cold.

Final Words

So, these are the benefits and drawbacks, you must consider before deciding which fridge to buy. To know more, you can explore online with the help of 1 Stop Camera.



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