Who Am I

Who am I?
“Drive a Mercedes now”- Erica S. Young

As I drive down the freeway, I realized that I much rather be on the beach soaking up the earth’s warm rays. I don’t mind working, it’s just that I had planned to spend the rest of my life doing something that I really enjoy. Now I feel as if I’m doing something that I have to. When I’m working I feel disassociated, because emotionally and mentally I don’t want to be there. I don’t fit into any group, I’m not the workaholic- because I actually love my family and want to spend time with them. And I’m pretty sure my boss gives 0 fucks about me. I’m not the ass kisser- because I’m pretty sure my zodiac sign wouldn’t let me kiss anyone’s ass. I’m not the know it all- because I’m pretty sure I wouldn’t get promoted over the people that feel they deserve it better. I’m not the office planner- because to be truthful I don’t care what the office decides to eat or not eat at the potluck. Drake had it right when he said “I got fake people showing fake love to me, straight up to my face”. I’ m not the office feminist- because I’m pretty sure my concerns are not the concerns of the status quo.

So who am I? I’m glad you ask, I’m pretty sure that I’m the work horse. I’m the person that takes all of the abuse and criticism but never given any of the accolades. I’m the one that only matters, when I don’t show up, call in, or cover someone. I’m the one with the sturdy shoulders, because only hard work falls upon them. I’m the take that person and the deal with it person, the get over it person. Secretly, inside the human resources walls I’m the she doesn’t deserve that person, or the I’m not giving her that person. In my supervisor’s office, I’m the I can’t stand her person, maybe even the she’s too fucking strong person. Or my all-time favorite, I can’t break her person. But what I’ve learned is that I’m never the I need you person, the thank you for all you do person, or the I really like how you handled that situation without me person.. Because then I would be the acknowledged person.