FCC Chairman Admits Internet Tax Future

Depending on which fact checking website you read, the future of taxing internet service will raise anywhere from 0 to 14 billion dollars a year. I wish to believe the first number, but will let history be my guide.

Just two days ago, FCC Chairman Tom Wheeler did a professional job of deflecting the question, putting it on “a joint federal/state board addressing that very question today.” I feel better. Professional political appointees are discussing it among themselves.

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According to one FCC Commissioner, Ajit Pai, “states have already begun discussions on how they will spend the extra money.” Pai’s pointed dissent marked the 3 to 2 vote that saw Title II pass internet control to the FCC just last month. The new administrative law grants government oversight similar to present telecommunications and broadcast rules.

Title II Net Neutrality was presented as an effort to protect smaller internet services from bandwidth throttling, a technique used to limit the speed of some web content delivery while favoring speeds of higher paying competitors. Critics charge the small print in Title II, containing the same language that spurred successful opposition to ACTA, PIPA, and SOPA, will be used to silence political dissent.

Back to following the money, have you have ever seen a legal power unenforced? According to Pai, new taxes are only months away. I believe him.​

by Todd Bierman for www.techinamerica.com. Thank you, Alisa.