August 2018 — a huge month for ANON, ZCL and crypto in general

As we are getting closer to the fork date scheduled to take place on the 10th of September, I expect significant increase in activity in the ZClassic market. Together with Bitcoin, ZClassic will be forked to give birth to Anonymous, a coin built on Bitcoin Core’s strong foundation and ZClassic’s privacy technology. I go more in depth about Anonymous in this article, or you can use the links at the end to learn more about the project.

Just a few days ago, as I’ve reported here, ZCL surged 48% in just a day. That was the sign that the coin is no longer dormant and we can expect further movement that can potentially create an earthquake in the crypto market. This is the moment you want to pay attention. A new market cycle is getting near and the month of August could mark the beginning of it.

A simple check on reveals that 90% of ZCL’s volume takes place on Bittrex and when I logged in on Bittrex I was not surprised to see that ZCL is the most traded coin with almost double the volume of the second place.


Some very important milestones will be reached by the ANON Team during the month of August. On the 10th, the public testnet will go live and for 30 busy days for the developers as they will have to tweak and bug fix before the mainnet goes live on the 10th of September. You can also volunteer and participate in the testnet, instructions will be available at a later date. Around the same date all code will be made public on their GitHub repository.

On the 15th of the month, the list of supporting exchanges will be released, well before the fork date. This is going to have an impact on the process of claiming your ANON coins. Remember you’ll get 1 ANON for each ZCL or BTC held at the date of the snapshot, shortly before the fork (10th of September).

More announcements and updates will come soon and will be published first in the official Telegram group so make sure you join, link at the end.

I’m personally very optimistic about the month of August not only for the ANON project but for the crypto space in general as it can be the turning point from a bear market to a bull market. The positive news significantly outnumber the negative news and the market sentiment is more bullish than ever this year. If this turns out to be true, August 2018 can become the point of maximum financial opportunity.

All the information in this article is my personal opinion and not financial advice. I suggest you do your own research before taking any decision.

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