90’s — 2005: A Golden era to be remember

Most of us lived our life’s best moments in our childhood but when It comes to 90’s born kids, they lived the entire Universe in their childhood. Yes, that’s true, Don’t believe me? Just ask a 90’s kid about his/her childhood and notice a pretty smile on their face :)

We Played the best out-door Games:

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One of my favorite is Marbles. I used to spend most of my time playing with marbles and many others too. I use to spend all my days in just playing, playing and playing. Seriously man, That days where gold.

We use to have different games for different situations, different locations, different seasons etc. And This generation kids don't even know what out-door is, feeling sad for them.

This were our T.V shows/serials:

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I grow up watching this shows/serials and I am glad I used to watch them. Man, this shows were gold of our era. We don’t have any mobiles or any Vehicles but what we use to have, This generation kids never gonna have.

Shakalaka Boom Boom: This is One of my all-time favorite T.V serial, and that Magic pencil is used to be every kids dream back then.

Alif-Laila: This show is the source of Imagination for me as a kid. I’ve watch this show for years. Wish that days will be back :(

We Experienced the best Cartoons:

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We all know how awesome Old cartoons were. Different varieties of shows we use to watch. From above collage probably I’ve watch each and every show and thats not at all surprising, I can spend decades watching that awesome cartoon.

Bugs Bunny: My all time favorite cartoon character. My real life character is somehow Inspired by Bugs Bunny, Smart, Calm, Chill and Friendly and equally Dangerous.

Dexter’s laboratory: He was the first scientist I ever know. Genius and Dedicated.

Tom and Jerry: The ever green Tom and Jerry, without them Cartoon doesn’t have any meaning. I still watch it whenever I get a chance to watch.

I’ve played One of the best Video-Games:

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When I start talking about my favorite video-games I wont stop for sure. Still here some of my favorite”

Mario(obviously), Tetris, Adventure Island, Tank, Contra, Street Fighter, Road Rash, Aladdin, Pac-man,Excite Bike, Bomber-man etc. Playing video-game is like a home-work for us. Its really painful to know that we can’t go back and play again :(

Nothing can beat our In-Door Games:

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Just a Wow for such Awesome and Amazing Indoor games. Businessman one of favorite for sure. Some of the other In-door games to be remember are:

Playing with cards, “Raja, Rani, Chor, Police”- Most of we Indians use to play this game, meaning that “King, Queen, Thief, Cop”, Chess, Carrom board, playing with “Handheld Video game” etc.

Our Time-pass Candies:

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Asha Chocolate: I still remember Asha chocolate was the cheapest chocolate in our childhood, 4 for just 1rs. It was tasty and famous too and I think this chocolates were ban few years back.

Pepsi: Chilled iced with some color flavor is our summer’s weapon to be protected from sun. I used to have 5–7 Pepsi’s per day during summers.

Other Random Memories:

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Can you see the Orange candy in above image, Once it was struck in my throat because I tried to have two candies at once :-D In childhood I used to call it “Santra Goli” meaning “Orange Candy” and the down-left, We used to call it “Buddha-Buddhi” meaning “Old man, women” because from regular view we can see an Old women and with upside down view we can see an Old man.

One of the Biggest lie of my Childhood:

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I’ve wasted many pages trying to erase ink with blue part :-D So, One thing is common here “What ever the generation may be, Don’t believe in rumors” :-D

We had Everything:

Without Nokia 1100, this blog is Incomplete-The King of Mobiles:

Although I’ve never used a mobile in my childhood, but back then our hand gadget was one and only Nokia-1100, I used to play “Snake game” when ever I get a chance to play in someone’s mobile. That game was so addictive and breaking and making a record in snake game was a great achievement for me. No video calls, No Internet, No worries. SMS and SMS pictures was our source of communication.

Just love those days and Feeling sorry for this generation who couldn’t have anything what we use to have.

“You may forget your childhood, but your childhood does not forget you.”

Michael Dibdin

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