10 Youtube Channels to Watch (that aren’t a waste of time)

By Nicole Tanda

  1. Veritasium

A pretty well known channel with around 3.3 million subscribers, Veritasium has achieved critical acclaim for its scientific videos. The content creator, Derek Muller, analyzes often overlooked phenomena like the movement of Slinkys or the capacity of a chameleon’s color change. In addition to the usual science videos, philosophical or reflective pieces are haphazardly thrown in. For example, Our Greatest Delusion will make you question how you use your time — 10/10 would recommend.

2. Vox

Originally an American news site, this YouTube channel combines scientific videos with straight forward videos to breakdown contemporary events. There’s definitely a mythbusters element to it, as conspiracy theories and other common misconceptions are exposed. For those really enthralled by the circus of the current US elections, Vox is a great resource that examines the political race in intense detail, down to the way candidates talk; literally a word-by-word breakdown. Conveniently, Vox can also be found on their daily Snapchat story.

3. Crash Course

Most of the student body is probably already familiar with this life saving channel. Crash Course creates videos to deliver syllabus content in a fun way (oras fun as possible). Created by Hank Green, the brother of famous author John Green, the channel’s most helpful videos are on biology and history, but other topics like literature, chemistry or psychology are also covered in great detail. If you’re staring at your class notes completely lost, Crash Course is a prime resource to help explain complex subjects — all from the comfort of your screen.

4. SmarterEveryDay

Another extremely popular channel, SmarterEveryDay currently has 152 short videos intended to make you (as the title implies) smarter. The content creator states he “explores the world using science,” and that’s pretty much it. Ultimately, the six minute video showing tattooing close up and in slow motion is definitely a better use of time than a six minute video ft. Damn Daniel.

5. Vice

A content creator on several different platforms, Vice creates riveting documentaries different from the conventional documentary. Reporters are thrust into often dangerous situations, like war lord territory in Africa, and show their experiences in its entirety. Vice is an independent creator and are able to choose the stories they investigate, which are often obscure topics. So be ready to be captivated by 20 minutes of something you never even knew existed. You can also catch their daily story on Snapchat.


AsapSCIENCE creates really short videos explaining or theorizing different topics using a drawn cartoony, stop motion style. The videos aren’t always inherently scientific, and often look at viral topics like the infamous dress. Blue and white or black and gold? The typically 3–4 minute videos are an easy way to pick up random facts and understand the world around you a bit more without wasting any time.

7. How to Adult

ATTENTION SENIORS: A more obscure channel, How to Adult is an essential for any kid about to move out on their own. All the things we took for granted while living with our parents, like laundry and taxes, are explained so that we too can do them. The channel is particularly geared at college students, but the studying, organization, and cooking advice they provide can most definitely be applied to the average IB student’s life.

8. SciShow

Scishow’s content is similar to asapSCIENCE, but done in a Crash Course-like style. Fitting, as it’s created by the same guy, Hank Green. The short videos explain common scientific occurrences like growing pains and sneezing, but also hypothesize about the outcomes of solutions or certain actions. What would happen if all the mosquitos were killed? For anyone who likes Crash Course’s style and asapSCIENCE’s content, this channel is a dime.

9. Vsauce

An extremely well known channel with 10 million subscribers, Vsauce uploads videos that are definitely not short, routinely hitting the 20 minute mark, but definitely worth watching. Its main content creator, Michael Stevens is an eccentric character that will make your brain explode. The videos are intellectually difficult, so multitasking while watching is not an option — to fully understand you should go full screen, switch off your phone, and focus all your energy into following the rapid dialogue and quick cuts of Stevens’ video. For anyone looking for an IA topic (@juniors) the ideas explained in some of his videos can definitely be used for a killer IA.

10. Vlogbrothers

One of the only lifestyle channels on the list, Vlogbrothers is the shared channel of the two famous and omnipresent content creators, Hank and John Green. The short videos are published back and forth between the two brothers, and include snippets from their daily lives which they expand on to reflect on human tendency and the world as a whole. Not every video is a treasure, and some are typical food challenges, but a lot of videos force you to reflect on your day on a deeper level.