Help! I binged Netflix’ “Making A Murderer” and want to leave a public comment. Am I a troll?

Q Dear Armchair Psychologist, During the holidays, my bf and I binged watched “Making A Murderer” on Netflix. The prosecutor in this documentary was a bloated, evil bully who inexcusably put a poor, uneducated and mentally handicapped person behind bars with a life sentence. After 10 hrs and episodes, I was steaming with fury and read that many ppl were leaving comments on the Prosecutors public Yelp page. I told my BF that I would write a comment and he reacted to it very poorly. His response was that I’d be no different from a bully and that any public outrage would come back and haunt me. I have a good job and I really doubt my Yelp comment would jeopardize that, but my opinion is that this Prosecutor should be outed for his awful practices. Am I a troll? -EthicalViewer

A Dear EthicalViewer, I couldn’t help but to laugh when I read this since I too watched Netflix’ true-crime documentary series “Making A Murderer” and like countless others, I felt frustrated at the Prosecutor’s smug doings. I, too, cringed at watching the poor, low IQ child be exploited and treated cruelly, and the series has apparently inspired a lot of hate mail. This is, however, a heavily edited documentary, one that took 700 hrs of footage and crammed it into 10 hrs, which could mean it’s skewed one way or another, thus you may not be getting the entire truth. Your boyfriend is right to talk you out of making defamatory statements online that could inevitably backfire. If you had used this Prosecutor’s services and found him to be less than competent, that’s another story- otherwise leaving a comment is sheer trolling and a direct result of your need to exact revenge derived from your impassioned binge-watching activities. Defamatory statements do not extend to freedom of speech and you could get sued. Also, in this day and age, it behooves you to think carefully about your digital trail and legacy, because its forever. If you still feel passionate about the topic, channel that ebullience into penning a nice letter to the remarkable lawyers or the poor jailbird.