Did you think I could garner attention with tact?
When my little world fumbles and fucks up yours, I'd be always sure to retain an understanding of facts.
Never pressing to melt your time. 
Faded like warbler wax, I have to occupy,
I have to rhyme.
I have to survive.

Still pressing on those racial barriers,
Watching nervous laughter emit.
I was transparent as glass,
Reflective too.
Easy to shatter I'm sure,
And while I move slower than the rest of the crowd, I process.
Identifying patterns to the point of self medication.
I'm right there with you.
I'm sure I could impress by dividing the metronome, count to five,
Move the floor.
But now I rid of all suspicions, 
let you sleep,
While I pull it up to overdrive.

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