Constant visions of violence,

Put me in the same room and I got a knife,
A rhetorical correction against your neck making it hard to consume,
Now your mistake against me cost you your life.
How do you expect to shoot shots at me and have your ego and pride survive.
Now you descend to a deeper level of hell,
Devante’s beat times twelve,
Walk with me to see the celestial starts divide evenly across time,
I don’t blame you,
You were trying to front god,
And now you face Allah,
It’s not even that,
A man made perception to conceptualize the sweltering heat of the eyes,
Fabric texture across skin,
Tightly woven,
Like wicker baskets made by African women,
A Zulu nation began carving masks at the turn of the center of the divide.
You rely on white slave masters and that’s why you know no better,
Now I’m your guy,
I summon ancient Aztec Gods to draw Peruvian lines across the sky to make my enemies fixated on my verbs until they realize.
That I’m the reason they’re on the cleaning shelf until the weak and the cowards within them commit suicide.
No mercy in my mind for a world that threw me a way to wolves to prove these zeitgeist movements were something that a person could choose.
Not on my time,
So the penalty is your devolution of the mind until you fall,
Good luck,
I will never let you compromise on thoughts lesser than fundamental compliments of the bias,
Even our fake image of God makes mistakes,
Because in our existence we will always submit to compliance.

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