Fuck your white guilt,
I know mein kampf when I see one.
A systemic oppression that rings louder than ever used by people to cut other's endowment.
I wouldn't blame you it's the only way you knew how.

Fuck your white guilt, 
this is Hispanic feminist folk shit,
Meant to stifle the men in the room and empower that Woman who kept behind a broom raising her son praying that she’d shed this life and move on.

Fuck your white guilt,
If it meant my denial in the light of God or a higher power.
I put stress to the ones who opposed me being blessed. The ones who try to push this, the ones who try to desecrate my health.

Fuck your white guilt,
Don't worry I was walked through history as my ancestors were dragged through trees and made to work,
It happens still today at every corner,
Forced and fed at the fork.

Fuck your white guilt,
If it meant Women living in fear,
Men too sheltered, Men too hurt.
Everybody succumbing to tears.

I'm from a different world than yours, and you didn't have to feel guilty for those people before you who became scared of different complexions and enslaved an entire world. No even though both my momma and grandma are in pain, I'm taking the hurt everywhere I go to show that the pain was yesterday. I hope you can take a little heat, a little jab and acknowledgement of patterns of behavior. The subject of race was too fragile and taboo for you if all you know was found in a book. 
I know your empathy ran deep when you can feel those bodies hitting the pavement, I know your heart toils because you had all the privilege they didn't.

My environment is cultural insemination. Consume in context and recognize heritage, to know how to love and how to forgive. Running the game to benefit me as long as I knew my heart resounded with art regardless of my race or theirs. Like the island of cultural blossom where my father came from. Blacks, Hispanics, whites, etc. living and sharing a world and fusing it to be beautiful. You don’t have to resort to allegations but if it made you feel better then go ahead and pull the trigger the only way you know how.