Every letter I send out gets installed.

Not knowing what to do with a bunch of pins, time isn’t wasted.

All flaws can be called.

I’m not dealing with a system through compromise, life just goes on.

With nowhere to go I realize that motives that aren’t questioned need to be understood.

It’s alarming when pain doesn’t create silence.

My points can’t be accessed without dissolving.

I know what it looks like that’s why I need to clear the charges.



Elected as a delegate because I turned conscious minds ready to go on their side.

Stop talking to the witnesses.

You’re ready to do whatever it takes just to play a game that’s outdated.

No points a direction that’s collapsed so many times.

At some point the reflection of yourself gets caught in a tangle.

The source of this remains the start point since it knows a disconnect is happening.

The type of stuff that would normally demand.

I needed to nurture to avoid spots.

Sometimes the blatant truth is all that is needed to carry it in the correct direction.



This should stop to play tag with you.

Passing vehicles with the matching rims.

When you think riding a fever dream with it wins.

So maybe it does even it began to twist.

There’s other stuff to worry about like being on the other side of a call during a prison break.

I can’t explain a transfer with these companies listening.

They’re considered vintage.

Trapped inside a paradigm tinted.

Everything that is yesterday continues to be shifted.

I can’t help but to have your surroundings noticing that you’re listening.



Another letter sent out because I didn’t learn fast enough.

The language twists and turns.

When I’m being used as bait for a higher curve.

Whatever it is I’m sitting enjoying a plate.

I had to get over the fact that I didn’t have it.

There’s another place.

Those moves are just anchors if they didn’t have their hats backwards.

The it crowd is being paced for their work.

Their souls are still with me as I decide as best as I can.

Saying their argument at them diffuses the evil.

Imagine if a call failed just because of where I went.

I apologize for taking it when I was pushed to.

Whatever it is just know that I swept.



It’s not a split.

It’s a prayer.

A revolving door that could pass.

It’s counterintuitive to think it’s a gift when you watch what others go through.

Especially if the options are meant to exhaust a hex.

To say that it’s a switch isn’t doing it justice.

All the words in the world with every credential I could want still couldn’t explain my viewpoint.

It’s just like love, it’s fleeting.

I only gave up on trying to prove a point when I could just do it.

The present is the most powerful moment, so whatever isn’t now exercises options as if it were asking me to work for you to complete your wish.



Forget like them when it’s done without stopping.

Add it up.

Add it up.

Add it up.

They can have their needle point in me without satisfaction.

I’ll put lifetimes of a phone on an exponent without repercussion.

Point them out in a crowd,

Their mentality can exist here without me.

I’ll put their idea of enough into my own side just to throw it out.

You have the rest of your life to figure it out.



I mimic others without a mirror while exhibiting the same strength without intention.

Taking sentences out of a context that opposes to apply it to myself.

It keeps bending into itself.

A sphere with one surface but there is more than one side.

It’s lucky to wake up to the worst language because all of it flips into something I didn’t want.

How is everything okay while being catastrophic at the same time?

You see the news go around a corner while things disappear inside.